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The death of a parent changes our world.

Regardless of our age, from child to elder, the death of a parent can shake our foundations. If you are on this page because of such a loss you have our deepest compassion. Below are resources created by caring people who understand the loss by death of a parent. We hope that you find support for your grief journey here.

Web Resources:
General Grief Support:
Canadian Virtual Hospice

What’s Your Grief

Center For Loss & Life Transition

Heal Grief

PsychCentral - The Ball in the Box

Wise Old Sayings

Grieving a Parent Support: – When A Parent Dies: A Guide For Patients and their Families


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Helping Yourself Heal When a Parent Dies, Alan Wolfelt Ph.D., “Grief Words”

8 Tips for Coping With the Death of a Parent, Nancy Stordahl in “Huffpost”

When a Parent Dies, LeAnne Schreiber, “”

When Daughters Grieve the Death of Their Mothers, by Lisa Bonchek Adams

Slate: The Long Goodbye and Other Articles by Meghan O’Rourke


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Daughters, Dads, and the Path Through Grief
Donna DiCello, Lorraine Mangione, ISBN 9781886230958

Mature Grief: When A Parent Dies
Donna Schaper, ISBN - 13:9781561012107

Never the Same: Coming to Terms with the Death of a Parent
Donna Schuurman, ISBN 9781466892712

Children and Grief: When a Parent Dies
William Worden, ISBN-13: 978-1572307469

Grieving the Death of a Mother
Harold Ivan Smith, ISBN-13: 978-0806643472

Losing Your Parents, Finding Your Self
Victoria Secunda, ISBN-13: 978-0786886517

When Parents Die: A Guide For Adults
Edward Myers, ASIN: B00AFZ8PKC


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Dr. Robert Neimeyer: The Three R's of Processing Grief

Dr. Robert Neimeyer talks about Retelling, Rebuilding, and Reinventing after grief at the Association for Death Education and Counseling annual conference.

The Death of a Parent: My Story, My Advice

Just a simple black and white video sharing my experience of losing my dad and some advice using the "index cards" technique.

When My Parent Passed Away

"Cherish the time you have with them."

Dearly Loved: Dealing with the Death of A Parent

This video is helpful for adult children who have experienced the death of their parent. You will hear how four adult children have experienced their grief, what has helped them and ways they honor and keep connections to the memories of their parents.