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I Am Grieving…

Looking for Grief Support?

Camrose Hospice provides the following supports:
  • 1-1 consultation
  • Grief support groups
  • Grief-support Walking Group
  • Men's Cooking Circle
  • Bereavement & Grief Workshops
  • Volunteer Grief Companions

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To access these programs call the office at 780.608.0636 or email
When you die

When You Die

This website curates voices from palliative care doctors, leading researchers, death doulas and the bereaved as well as poets, comedians, artists and everyday people. Plus, our team is always creating new content to keep you up-to-the minute on death news and culture.

The last conversation you want to have shouldn’t be the last one you do have. The When You Die Project is here to facilitate a cultural dialogue most often avoided — one that begins at the end.

We believe talking about death isn’t dangerous but, conversely, can nurture happier, healthier individuals and families who approach death informed, inspired and with a sense of humor. The way we live has progressed immensely since the industrial age, yet the way we die has stayed largely the same. Many of the changes that have developed — such as 80% of people dying in hospitals — seem to us to be the opposite of progress. We believe it’s time for a death revolution and that the best way to start that revolution is simply by talking.

From green burial options to the latest in science of the afterlife and death resources, we aim to keep you in the loop about all things death-related.
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Facebook Group
Grief: Releasing Pain, Remembering Love & Finding Meaning

This Facebook group (not managed by Hospice) provides a forum for sharing and learning about grief. Click the button below to apply to join the group.
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Canadian Virtual Hospice

This is an excellent source of supports for adults and children who are grieving. Scroll down on the CVH homepage to find the link to  "" for adults, and "" for ways to support children.

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What is the Relationship Between Grief and Sleep?

Grief can pose serious challenges for getting quality sleep. As a major life change accompanied by powerful emotions, it may interfere with normal sleep patterns. It can also provoke moods and feelings of anxiety that complicate the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep.

At the same time, sleep may have an effect on bereavement and grief because sleep-deprived people may be at higher risk of especially difficult or complicated grief.

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What Grieving People Need

This brochure developed by the Champlain Hospice Palliative Care Program provides information about supporting someone who is grieving. It includes tips on providing emotional support, social support and offering practical help.

Download "What Grieving People Need Brochure_ENG-Bii edits.pdf"

National Bereavement Resources

National bereavement day
Helpful Links to Grief and Bereavement Resources 

If you are feeling stuck in your grief or worried about how your grief is going, you may want to talk with a trained professional who understands grief and bereavement.

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